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Post by veil13 on Sun Sep 26, 2010 2:37 am

I've ranted in chat somewhere, but it's just doesn't seem to be enough for me.
many bad languages inside this spoiler, the spoiler is for just in case only:
I seriously hate my brother. Just because he wants to move a game from someone's NDS to our NDS, he wants to use my laptop. That bitch knows I won't let him use my laptop. THE FUCK, HE KEEP SAYING "Please" FOR MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED TIMES, IT'S SHITTING ANNOYING! Ass hole, that goddammit bitch should have know what I will keep saying, I'll keep saying "no", no matter what. But that bitch just doesn't want to shut the fuck up. Curse it, because of that bitch, I almost make a mess. He knows I'll get mad if I make a mess, he's really can be called a no-brain moron bitch. Also, who's gonna let your shit sweaty hands touch my laptop? There's no way in hell I'll let that bitch with his shit sweaty hands touch it. Seriously, he's the most unforgivable fucking moron bitch I ever meet.

Sorry for using too many bad languages, I just can't take it, I was very annoyed I'm Annoyed 85138
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